Nurturing Our Future

Responsible, Inspiring, Strong, Empathetic

Thank you for taking the time to view our school website. We hope that you enjoy having a glimpse of our school photos, programs and activities.

The school has around 395 students who are encouraged to always do their best. Each child comes to our school with his or her own unique personality and learning needs which are nurtured and valued by the teachers. As a smaller school our teachers know each of the students and have the the opportunity to develop excellent teacher/ student relationships. We also know our families and value the opportunity to share their child's learning journey with them.
We have high expectations for every student and our educational program provides intellectually stimulating experiences to challenge thinking and learning and promote independence.
We highly value home/school partnerships and the support of families in the school through their involvement in classroom activities, excursions, the Kid's Kitchen and in many other ways.
The school believes in building strong community links and provides a 'Kinderlinks Ready Set Go to School' program and also welcomes the neighbouring Kinder to use our school facilities.

The school also hosts a Regional Hearing Unit for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The specialist Teachers of the Deaf and assistants work in the classrooms with teachers and students.

Our spacious school grounds and gymnasium are also used by our community for a range of sporting activities throughout the year.
We encourage our students to develop a sense of their place within a community and the contribution that they can make by being well rounded, well mannered positive students.

Through a broad range of experiences our students learn the importance of active participation in their learning the resulting feeling of success when you know you have tried your hardest and achieved your best. Essential to this is knowing the value of personal persistence and effort. We are providing the learning environment to enable our students to become the agents of change for their future.

I have the pleasure of working with a very positive and dedicated team of teachers who really do care for our children. We are proud of our students and proud of our school.

If you would like to learn more about our school, please call to arrange a personal tour so that you can see and feel what makes Grovedale West Primary School a very positive learning environment.

Gretta Lynch