Student Leadership

Responsible, Inspiring, Strong, Empathetic

School Captains

The school appoints two School Captains and two Vice Captains. At the end of Year 5 they are required to write an application addressing criteria relevant to the position. They then present to an interview panel consisting of a team of teachers and the principal. It is always amazing to see the level of their confidence and ability to do this.

Sports Captains

The House Captains are elected by their peers.

The school has four house teams:

Mockeridge, Redpath, Opperman and Landy

Year 6 School Leaders

The school considers that every student should have the opportunity to develop his or her leadership skills.
During Term One the Year Six students are presented with a leadership badge which holds with it high expectations and the fact that they are the senior role models in the school

Student Councillors

Students in Years 2 to 6 are elected by their peers to be the student representatives of the Student Council. The groups supports fundraising for projects and meets with the Principal to share ideas for ongoing school development and improvement.

Assembly Presentations

A whole school assembly is held at the beginning and end of each term hosted by the School Captains.

During the term, there are two Senior and Junior assemblies led and facilitated by the students. This provides all the students from Prep through to Year 6 with the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and the organisational skills equired to run such events.

Graduation Planning Team

A group of Year 6 students volunteer to manage the fundraising events to support their end of year Graduation. This involves coordinating the 'Milkshake Mornings' and other special events.

Grounds Beautification

A group of students are involved in supporting the Kitchen Garden teacher ensuring that the school grounds are well maintained. Their ideas and hands on support help to keep  our outdoor learning spaces looking great.