Transition program

Responsible, Inspiring, Strong, Empathetic

The school provides a range of transition supports for students and endeavors to have consistent practices from one level to the next to minimize change for students. 
With each level working in Learning PODS with teams of teachers, the students become very familiar with the teachers, assistants, resources and routines. 

Kindergarten to school
  • Kinderlinks program
  • November transition sessions for enrolled Prep students.
Year to Year
  • Considerable focus is placed on the transition of students from year to year. This assists the student in becoming familiar with their new learning space and teachers as well as  informing parents of any requirements etc.
Year 6 - Year 7
  • The teachers interact with the secondary schools that children enroll in to ensure that the children feel comfortable with their transition to the new school.
  • The students attend a range of transition  visits and activities through the year.
New students and families to the school
  • New families are welcomed into the school and supported to feel comfortable with their new school environment. They are provided with an extensive tour of the school and where required, their children can have transitions sessions prior to commencing.