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GWPS Urban Forest

We are excitedly watching our urban forest take shape at the entrance to our school.  Our students, teachers and families have worked hard to plant over 400 trees and shrubs to start the beginnings of our school urban forest. The children have been learning about the valuable effects of a green environment in relation to personal wellbeing in addition to the benefits to their local community. Each child has also received a shrub or tree to take home to plant to support greening their environment.

Solar Boat Challenge

A group of  students are busy designing and constructing their 2018 solar boat models in readiness to compete at Science Works in the School Solar Boat Challenge later in the term. Each year they refine their designs for improvement and it is always great to see the new models once developed.

Geelong Music Festival

Our students thoroughly enjoyed performing at the recent Geelong Music Festival.  The Circus Troupe and Djembe Group thrilled the audience at Costa Hall.

Musical Futures

The students are thoroughly enjoying the new instruments and musical equipment that have been purchased for their music program. With students across every level engaging in the program, the new resources will be put to good use.

Connecting Globally

We were recently very proud to be invited to present at a conference in Vancouver Canada to outline the pedagogical practices used at Grovedale West Primary School.   The Principal and Learning Specialist shared the school's practice with educators from America, Canada, Finland, Uruguay, New Zealand and other countries. We are now pleased to be involved in continued collaboration with teachers from the attending countries using Google Hangout technology to collaborate in learning. Our students are learning to be deep thinkers and to know themsleves as learners which is enbaling them to more actively engage in authentic learning experiences.

Learning Ripples
Our year 5/6 students have been developing a learning model that can be used throughout the school for students to understand themsleves as learners and to recognise the supports and opportunities available to them. They have engaged in comprehensive analysis of how we learn and have shaped this model though an authentic collaboration with their teachers. The model was shared in Canada and there is considerable interest in the work of the students and is a great example of student agency and voice in learning.

Thinkers and Winners at the Geelong College Challenge

Congratulations to our students who represented GWPS at the Geelong College Challenge. After winning the Technology Challenge and the Problem Solving Challenge they came second overall which was an outstanding effort having competed with many other public and private schools.