Enrolling your Child

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2020 Prep enrolments are now welcome

Many families are making Grovedale West Primary School their school of choice and have enjoyed taking the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school. We encourage families to come along to see the students at work and the school in action.
If you would like to secure a place for your child in our  Prep Learning Centre, please contact the school for an enrolment package and to arrange a personal tour. (Call the Office on 52414774). Appointments can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Deaf Students  who are eligible to enrol in the Deaf Education Centre can reside outside of the neighbourhood boundary as the service is open for all eligible deaf and hard of hearing students in the Geelong Region

To enrol children must be at least 5 years of age by the 30th April in the year they commence school. 

The enrolment for children in the school Neighborhood Boundary will be confirmed following parents meeting the enrolment requirements.  Families must reside in the neighbourhood boundary.

Enrolment priority:

1: Children living in the school neighbourhood boundary

2: Siblings of children already enrolled

Interested families are welcome to contact the school to arrange a personal tour of the school with the Principal or Assistant Principal prior to enrolling their child / children.

The Principal will confirm all enrolments with a letter of acceptance.

Designated Neighborhood School

The designated neighborhood boundary is outlined on the DET boundary map and can be viewed at the school. The school is required to follow the DET School neighbourhood boundary policy.   Proof of permanent residential address is required as part of the enrolment process.    

International Enrolment

How do I apply?
To apply for placement at a Victorian Government school, students should complete a Full Fee-Paying International Students Application form. Certified copies of relevant documents must accompany the application form. Official translations of documents into English must also be included with the application. You will be required to present original passports and visa documents upon acceptance.
Prospective student's first point of call should be the Victorian Government International Student Division.

For information, please go to: