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Philosophy Prep to Year 6

Socratic questioning seeks to get the other person to answer their own questions by making them think and drawing out the answer from them.

Philosophy supports natural curiosity, and assists children in their search for meaning. It encourages intellectual challenge and helps to develop the qualities that make for good judgments in life.

Philosophical inquiry gives students the opportunity to question and explore issues, concepts and ideas that are important and relevant to them throughout schooling and life.

All students (P-6) at Grovedale West PS enjoy participating in weekly philosophy sessions. The sessions help to develop oral language skills in addition to expanding their knowledge, enabling them to hear and value the ideas of others and to share their thoughts. The sessions have influenced a significant gain in the student AusVels Speaking and Listening data across the school.

Philosophical discussion can occur throughout the day in any learning experience and is strengthened by the more structured weekly sessions.