A mainstream school providing specialist educational support for deaf and hard of hearing students

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Grovedale West Primary School and Grovedale College are mainstream co-educational schools, hosting the Geelong Deaf Education Centre catering for deaf and hard of hearing students from across the Geelong Region. The centre enables the students to access a mainstream education with the support of highly skilled Teachers of the Deaf and Communication Aides supporting them in the classroom. Deaf students can access specialist Speech Pathology and other services if required to support their learning.
The Primary School hosts Prep - Year 6 and the neighbouring Grovedale College hosts the Years 7-12 students providing a smooth transition. 
Deaf students learn in regular classes with hearing children of the same age. They participate in the full range of educational activities provided by the school assisted by Communication Aides, Teachers of the Deaf and other appropriate support staff if required.
Withdrawal sessions in the Deaf Learning Centre cater for students specific individual needs including auditory, language and speech programs.
The deaf students have the opportunity to learn in a mainstream environment as well as having the support of their specialist teachers.
Students in the Geelong Deaf Education Centre have the opportunity to build friendships with both hearing and deaf students. They are actively involved in all school activities as well as participating in other sporting and cultural activities with deaf students from other schools.

The Teachers of the Deaf undertake professional learning and educational planning with the whole school teaching team and do not work as a separate unit. This ensures that they have strong curriculum knowledge in order to support the deaf students to access learning in the mainstream classroom and that their capacity as a teacher is continuously developed and enhanced.

The Geelong Deaf Education Centre also hosts the Regional Deaf Network and has links to the Victorian Deaf Education Institute ensuring excellent contact with other deaf education services.

Students who have a permanent bilateral sensorineural hearing loss which is moderate or greater are eligible to enrol and an application process is required.